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My focus


As a jewelry designer, My costume jewelry designs are handcrafted with the intent to perpetuate conversation without overwhelming the personality of the wearer or competing with the silhouette of the garment.  My style is mostly bold and dominant, but occasionally, I create small and delicate pieces, determined by the materials used and the intended wearer. I am inspired by nature but guided by the ability of my hands. I frequently draft a design on paper, but once I start constructing, it always changes based on what my eyes see, my heart feels and my hands can achieve.



My inspiration


”ASANTI’S JEWELS”, the name of my collection, is a name inspired by the “Asanti” royal empire, which was the largest and most powerful empire in the forest region of modern Ghana that existed between the 11th and 13th centuries. “Asanti” is the name I gave my son, Ahmed Asanti, and the name of his firstborn, my granddaughter, “Asanti Camilla….my “Jewel”.


My Promise

Every Asanti item you purchase is yours and yours alone. It was meant just for you.  

Any item priced over $100., includes a lifetime guarantee that if damaged or broken, I will repair, (if possible), or replace with a comparable item, as long as the components of the damaged item is returned.

A charge for additional materials may apply.

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